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Tomorrow is the Science Fair! Bring in your goods!
We’ll set up before snack and you will be presenting your work to visitors throughout the day. The schedule will be posted in the beginning of the day. You will be given a Science Fair observation sheet along with a Self-evaluation regarding your project.

Let’s get excited!!


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This week, I did not assign additional homework for the 6th and 7th graders except for STARTING THEIR SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS! Check the previous post for more information about the requirements.

The rough drafts are due…

Block I: next Monday

Block II: next Tuesday

Block III: next Monday

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Science fair Experimental Plan/ Invention Design Plan

due on FRIDAY, MARCH 14th!!

Necessary Paperwork:


1) Read “Restless continents” and “Theory of Plate tectonics”

2) Complete HW#21: Creeping Continents

Due date:

Block I: Wednesday

Block II: Tuesday

Block III: Thursday


3) Read “Deforming the Earth’s Crust”

4) Complete HW#22: Making Mountains
Due date:

Block I: Next Monday

Block II: Friday

Block III: next Monday

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Sorry for the wait!Here are some websites if you need help with project ideas and other tips:

Science Fair central: http://school.discovery.com/sciencefaircentral/

Internet Public Library Kidspace: http://www.ipl.org/div/projectguide/

Science Buddies: http://www.sciencebuddies.com/

HomeworkSpot: http://www.homeworkspot.com/sciencefair/ 

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This year the Science Fair will be on Wednesday April 30th!

After your test, I will hand out information regarding the Science Fair.

Please make sure you read the Science Fair 2008 timeline with your family.  It contains all the requirements and deadlines.

Your homework for the next class:

*Complete Topic Brainstorm Worksheet

Due date:

Block I: next Monday, Feb. 25

Block II: next Tuesday, Feb. 26

Block III: next Wednesday, Feb. 27

* *I will return your Topic worksheet and help you choose the project before you begin the next step.


8th graders will have the choice to create an INVENTION.  Please read Invention Project timeline for more information and deadlines.  The Invention Brainstorm Worksheet has the same due dates as shown above.

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