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After you’ve collected data on oil spills in class, you will take your journal home for the homework assignment.  Here’s the assignment: Spill-Be-Gone brochure

Due date:

Block I: Wednesday

Block II: Friday

Block III: Thursday


No homework for over the weekend!  We’ll start the chemistry unit next week.


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Oil spills!


See the NYTimes article here. 

Oil Slick-Angel Island

This week, we’ll have a special curriculum about oil spills. We’ll begin with a Webquest in which you will conduct internet research to learn about how oil spills happen, how we respond/cleanup, the environmental effects, and how we can prevent oil spills. Then we’ll conduct a mock oil spill cleanup to investigate the effectiveness of different cleanup methods.

Oil spill information links for Webquest

Exploring Earth: Oil Spill– interactive website, info about oil spills and how they spread

NOAA: What’s the Story on Oil Spills?-info about how oil spills happen, cleanup methods, who’s responsible, prevention

NOAA: Oil Spills at the Water’s Edges-info about the effect on the environment on the surface of the water and the shore

Oil Spills Thinkquest-good info on how animals are affected and cleaned up; focus on the Exxon Valdez

NOAA: Frequently asked questions– FAQ on oil spills

International Bird Rescue Research Center blog– by Russ Curtis, our technology master; info about how oiled birds are washed

Links to articles about the SF Bay spill on Nov. 7, 2007:

SF Chronicle 11/9/07 “Spill closes bay beaches as oil spreads, kills wildlife”

NY Times 11/9/07 “Oil spills in San Francisco Bay”

San Jose Mercury News “Timeline of the Bay Area Oil Spill”

Marin Independent Journal 11/28/07 “After oil spill cleanup, sea birds set free in Tomales Bay”

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