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FMA live!

If you still want to learn more about Newton’s Laws…

FMA live

This is an entertaining website that teaches about Newton’s Laws.  There are some videos and songs, and an interactive game.


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Physics of Baseball

Einstein and baseball

Check out this video! After everything you’ve learned in this unit, you’ll understand what they’re talking about. Enjoy.

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Have a great holiday!

If you feel like it…study for your science test!  We will go over the study guide in class this week.  I no longer post answers to the study guide because students would simply copy it which is not the point.  Remember to look at past homework, your readings, and the notes in your science journal.

Test dates:

Block I: next Wednesady, Nov. 28

Block II: next Friday, Nov. 30

Block III:next Thursday, Nov. 29

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Check out this online activity.

BBC Forces in action screenshot

Now that you’ve learned about Newton’s Laws of Motion, forces, gravity, and acceleration, you’ll be able to predict and understand what is happening in this activity.

Have fun!

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Here are some pictures from our parachute building class.  Each parachute was made from tissue paper, embroidery string, tape, and two large paper clips.  The goal was to make a parachute to maximize the amount of airtime for the parachuter.Kai, Cloe, and Marshal putting together their masterpiece.

Maggie tests her parachute while dangerously standing on the table

Aidan W. with the parachute drop!

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Fun with Gravity

I was getting lost in YouTube land looking up videos about gravity and I came across these.  We’ll talk about “weightlessness” in class next week.  In the meantime, have fun with these.  These videos were shot in a “zero-G” parabolic flight.

Skating in Zero Gravity 

French comedian and skate enthusiast Vincent Desagnat attempting to skate on a zero gravity russian space flight in Moscow 2003 during the filming of french feature film “Les 11 commandements”.

Cats in Zero Gravity

I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I saw this.  I would love to see my cat doing this!

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Here’s an entertaining video about the incredible Forceman!

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