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Earthquake Towers

Here are pictures from our Earthquake Tower building! Thanks to Irene Yun for the lesson plan.


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Rutherford’s gold foil experiment

Welcome back from vacation! Here are pictures of the Rutherford roller activity where students rolled marbles under a board to simulate Rutherford’s gold foil experiment. An object was hidden under the board. When the marble’s rolled underneath, it could roll straight through, bounce off to the side, or bounce straight back. Students made inferences from these observations to guess the shape, size, and location of the object.

Cheers to Eric Muller at the Exploratorium for this project!

(Click on the images to see larger versions.)

Alex taking aim Abigail making careful marks

What do we think?! Making careful observations

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Here are some pictures from our parachute building class.  Each parachute was made from tissue paper, embroidery string, tape, and two large paper clips.  The goal was to make a parachute to maximize the amount of airtime for the parachuter.Kai, Cloe, and Marshal putting together their masterpiece.

Maggie tests her parachute while dangerously standing on the table

Aidan W. with the parachute drop!

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Farm School!

Here’s some pictures from this year’s Farm School.

Enjoy!  We’ll put together a display with more pictures at school this week.

[rockyou id=86584638&w=426&h=319]

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After two weeks of Farm School expeditions, we’ll be returning to school with a (somewhat) normal schedule! We’ll get started on the Physics unit as soon as we wrap up the Farm School work.


Farm school journal are due on FRIDAY.

8th grade Science Friday projects due on FRIDAY.

And here are some pictures from the Mystery tube class. Sorry for the delay!

What’s going on here?             Nathaniel making careful notes for further review

Frustrated, perhaps angry with the mystery tube and/or Tiff

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