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The school year of 2008-2009 is about to begin!

To celebrate, I’ve made a new blog.  Follow this link for Synergy Science 2008-2009.

You’ll find more happy homework posts, random science blurbs, and interesting links related to our units of study.  Happy New School Year!


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As you’re getting ready to do your study guide, you will want to organize your binder.  I’m working to get all of your homework corrected and returned by next week.  Your job is to make sure that you have all the readings.  As you know, the readings are not scanned but I’ll list them here.  If you no longer have them, I will make copies in exchange for some form of payment (I’ll think about this for next week.)  There is too much paper wasted on making copies.

The list of readings:

  1. Measuring motion
  2. Acceleration
  3. What is force?
  4. Gravity:  A Force of Attraction
  5. Gravity and Motion
  6. Newton’s Laws of Motion
  7. Momentum

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Here’s the Missing work list as of Oct. 18th

Remember that all work must be turned in by Thursday.  No exceptions!

If the work is not turned in, you will not receive any credit for it.

Homework is still being assigned and collected this week.  Keep track if you are late with any of this week’s assignments.  I will not make another list.

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1st day of school!

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all pleasantly exhausted from the first day of school. It’s always an energizing and exhausting day for me.

Here are copies of the paperwork passed out in class:

Class syllabus This has the syllabus as well as the homework policy and what to do if you are absent or miss homework assignments.

Grading explanation This is…well, the grading explanation.

Science Journals A description of what the journals are and how we’ll use them.

Science Safety guidelines

See you tomorrow! I’ll pass out your first homework assignment.

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