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Periodic table of Vegetables

Here are the links for Web resources for your Element research:

*Visual Elements Periodic Table 

*Web Elements: Scholar Edition 

*Chemical Elements

*Periodic Table from the Los Alamos Lab

*Lenntech Periodic Table


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This week is wacky so please check the schedule posted at school.

Here’s the science schedule:

Tuesday-Block I     Wednesday- Block III        Thursday- Block II       Friday-Block I

And now for homework!

*We’re going to put together a giant interactive periodic table at school.  Each student will be given at least one element to research.  You will fill out the Element research sheet and then fill out the given Element card accordingly.  I’ll talk about this more in class.  Here’s a copy of the Element research sheet: Giant Periodic Table: Element research sheet
Due date:

Block I: next Wednesday, Jan. 30

Block II: next Tuesday, Jan. 29

Block III: next Thursday, Jan 31

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1) Read “Chemical Bonds”

2) Complete Hw#16: VIP- Electrons

*Please note that if you are downloading this, you will need to get the backside from me.

Due date

Block I: Wednesday

Block II: Friday

Block III: Thursday


3) Read “Compounds” and “Types of Chemical Bonds”

4) Complete HW#17: Bonding Moment

Due date–Please note the change in schedule!

Block I: next Friday
Block II: next Thursday

Block III: next Wednesday

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And here’s the Blackalicious song-Chemical Calisthenics! Blackalicious is a hip-hop duo from the Bay Area.


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The Element Song

Here’s a video version of the Element Song I’ve been playing in class. Try to keep up with it!

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The chemistry of candy

A fun song about the chemical compounds in candy by the Animaniacs:


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Back to the grind!

1)  Read “The Periodic Table”

2) Complete HW#14: Periodicity

Due date:

Block I: Wednesday

Block II: Friday

Block III: Thursday

* *************************************************************

3)  Read “Elements”

4)  Complete HW#15: It’s elemental!

Due date:

Block I: next Monday

Block II: next Tuesday

Block III: next Monday

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